Rare diseases & Covid-19: How Changemakers United helped advance Dorica Dan’s solution

Dorica is revolutionising the field of care for rare disease patients. She does this by transitioning from a rigid system to a collaborative approach using a flat leadership model and creating new roles to navigate it. She is building a world in which all rare disease patients have equal and free access to diagnostic care and are provided a tailored set of integrated services and therapies to increase their quality of life. 

Online therapy in times of Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, the organization is building a platform for online therapies for people affected by rare diseases.

The online platform supports:

  • The communication of professionals with patients and personal assistants to continue social counselling.
  • The training for parents, patients and professionals.
  • Guaranteed access to information materials for different stakeholders involved in the care of patients living with rare diseases.

With the new platform Dorica and her team will be able to increase the number of Romanian beneficiaries, as well as reach patients and doctors also in remote areas or living abroad.

The platform is also being translated into English, laying the ground for international scaling of the project. The idea is not only relevant as a response to Covid-19, but has also revealed its potential to scale Dorica’s impact beyond the crisis.

What difference did the collective effort of Changemakers United make?

Thanks to Changemakers United, Dorica was able to set up a team of various pro bono experts supporting her in the development of her solution. The outputs were:

  • Development of the website – the basis of her online solution: The experts gave valuable feedback on the design and the implementation of the website. The platform is currently being tested with patients and is merely one step away from reaching a broad public.
  • Legal advice for easier access of vulnerable groups: It is Dorica’s vision to integrate her platform into Romania’s national health care system. This would allow the online services to be financed through public health care and increase access for people in need. A team of legal experts of the Changemakers United initiative recently began researching European policy best practices regarding telemedicine to support Dorica in advocating for similar legal changes in Romania. This would be a breakthrough for her impact!
  • Fundraising support for more impact: A pro bono team is supporting Dorica and her organisation “Romanian National Alliance for Rare Diseases” with developing a strong fundraising strategy. They also look for fundraising opportunities to finance the platform and bring it to life!
  • Communication and Marketing: A pro bono team is supporting with a marketing strategy to accompany the launch of the platform to reach more people in need.

“What I most appreciate is the great variety of points of view the experts bring to our project.”
Dorica Dan

What’s special about this kind of (pro bono) support?

It is not only the outcomes that count, it is also the team spirit and the support along the way. Dorica managed to make all pro bono experts feel part of a team. Her mentor from Zalando has been instrumental in creating this team and supporting Dorica in regular weekly meetings.

Most of the experts agreed to support Dorica and her team on a long-term basis to make the platform as successful and therefore impactful as possible.

Further information:

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