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Changemakers United in a nutshell

Ashoka is sourcing, disseminating, supporting, connecting and scaling solutions of innovative social entrepreneurs to the challenges Covid-19 presents to the world.

We do so by leveraging Ashoka’s global network of social innovators as well as the partners networks, workforce and communities they are a part of.

A global effort

What started in Europe in March of 2020 as a regional approach to the Covid-19 crisis has grown to a global coordinated effort connecting social innovators and leaders from business and philanthropy across continents.

Today, Ashoka is selecting and supporting social entrepreneurs with innovative approaches to the crisis in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.



Ashoka looks within its networks for social innovators with solutions to the crisis.


We communicate these solutions across the world together to inspire replication.


We bring our network of partners together to support them in areas such as legal, communications, human resources, marketing and technology


We connect these innovators among them and with leaders from the business and philanthropy sectors.

Founding Partner

This global alliance was co-created in Europe between Ashoka and Zalando. Click on the button below to see all the partners that jumped in along the way.